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Daybreak’s Reflection


This is how the daybreak’s reflection on the window glass looks like on the day of my cousin’s wedding, years ago on Nov. 11, 2011 (11 – 11 – 11). There will never be a daybreak like this again as there will never be a day like 11-11-11.

Photo Challenge:Mirror

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Gunita ng Aking Kamusmusan (Memory of My Childhood)

july 4

Once in our lives, we were once a TOM SAWYER. Because we’re mischievous in so many things, discipline is needed. Although,  I never understand what those are for back then.

Sometimes being mischievous is funny and sometimes funnier. Let me share some of my mischievous side years ago.

Mama often tells me to sleep during noon time so I could grow up fast. Most of the time I don’t like the idea of it but I ended up sleeping anyways.

My mom have different levels of spanking. When I was four years old, she uses a plastic hanger. When I was five, it was upgraded to a rubber snake toy. When I was six, I think she thinks that I can already bear the leather belt of my dad. Because I have had enough, I hid the belt somewhere else where my dad and mom couldn’t find it. As a result, my dad has nothing to use to hold his pants.

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher reported to my parents  that I am very talkative. My parents told my teacher to call the police every time I talk with my seatmate. I think it was a good threat because since then I became one of the  most behave student in the class.

I am always fascinated on how escalators work. I always wanted to ride on one every time we go to the mall. In my imagination, it is the stairway  to heaven. I was walking slowly in small steps while looking up to the escalator when… CRACK! I bumped into a pile of glasses. When my dad turned around, he saw me looking blankly at the broken glasses. A saleslady and security guard approached us. In short, my dad paid for all the broken glasses.

In movies, some characters cross the street, stands at the middle of the road,  waiting for the car to bump them really hard causing them to die. So when it was my turn to cross the street with my dad, I wanted to prove to those characters that you won’t die crossing the street if you will not stay still at the middle of the road. I let go of my dad’s hands. Run as fast as I could though I know there’s a vehicle coming. And  I DID NOT STAY STILL and just continue to run though it nearly bumped me. See? You won’t die and you’ll reach the other side of the road. My dad was worried and nervous but I was proud of my self.

Those are some of my picture perfect memories. I thank God it can never be photoshopped. The gunita of my childhood will forever stay in my heart.



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july 3

TINATANGI kita because of your charming smile…

TINATANGI kita for your positive outlook in life…

TINATANGI kita because you’re no one like other…

TINATANGI kita since the day you finally laid your eyes on me…

Now the only thing I want to do is ask you…

When can I be your TINATANGI?

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Cheating 101

The Daily Prompt: Cheat

 The exam is about to start in five minutes. Everyone is in a hurry opening their books for the last time, as if sipping all the words through a straw inside a glass making sure not a drop is left inside was left.

Now it’s down to less than thirty seconds. Then in just a blink of an eye, the clock is ticking for the last ten seconds. Eyes are growing bigger like the lens of a DSLR camera focusing on the right subject to capture. And… time’s up! The battle begins.

I bet you’re all familiar with this. Gone are the good old days of high school and college for me and my same-age buddies (unless you’re now taking up graduate studies right now).

Exams sometimes are really hard to ace. It could be toxic at times too. For that reason, we are forced to do the impossible, creative and (take note) the bad ways to pass it. When I say BAD WAYS, I mean to say, “Cheating during Exams”. It’s also during the examination days that you would often hear, “Sharing is Loving”. Surprisingly, it improved our creative thinking (I don’t know about you but it did for me).

There are popular ones during my days. Here are my Top 5:

(Disclaimer: Kids, don’t try this in school. Or if you’re in distant learning, don’t try this at home.)

1. The small sheet of paper. The ability to make a small piece of paper invisible to your teacher but visible enough for you to read the words on it.

2. Sit beside the smart ones. If your smart seatmate is generous enough to lend a helping hand, no need to worry! You’re in good hands. But if not, I think stretching your neck a little higher won’t cause a stiff neck afterwards.

3. Sign Language. Scratching your head means ‘A’. Touching your knee means ‘B’. Looking out the window means ‘C’ and picking your nose means ‘D’.

4. Pass the message relay. Now this requires teamwork and a little aid of physics. Make sure the ball is thrown on a precise angle with the right amount of speed and strength. Then, the receiver should be really proactive to pick it up as fast as he could. Just imagine playing,  ‘Minute to Win It’.

5. The recording artist. What you need: headphones, mp3 player and long hair. But you need to be prompt. Record your readings before the exam.

I have done each of this once but I promised my self: NEVER AGAIN. Why? Because God is watching us. Reminiscing those things sure still makes me laugh because of the adrenaline rush I felt back then. However, every time I do one of those before, my conscience keeps on knocking in my heart afterwards.

So just to clarify, sharing these is not for you to try any of these. Besides, the most effective way to PASS is still to study well and make your mama proud!

Read well. Study well. Don’t cheat.




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July 2

How long can one hold his temper?

How long can you wait for a person who arrives late?

How long can you handle being belittle?

How long can you endure pain?

How long can one’s patience be?

How long can you sacrifice in the name of love?

How long can one control one’s self?

How long?

…we’ll never know.


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[Can’t Think of a Title]

Guy: (Observing the miniatures on the living room) Hey, you got some cute things here. Where’d you get it?

Old Man: I made it.

Guy: Cool! Why not make bigger ones?

Old man: I like being very detailed. Besides, it challenges me.

Guy: But you know, it’s kinda hard for the eyes.

Old man: Well, yeah. Maybe. But try to look at it using this. (Hands a magnifying glass to the guy )

Guy: (using the magnifying glasses to look closer) WOW! It’s not cute it’s great! How’d you do this?

Old man: I used passion and patience to make each one of those.You see,things that is much smaller than normal teach you important things.

Guy: Well, that’s deep. Like what?

Old man: That some things don’t need to be that great to be appreciated and it takes a closer look to appreciate them even more.




The Daily Post:Miniature

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Ang Pagkabuhay ng Ating Wika


(ni Mikaela L. Paderna)

Ang wika ay isang simbolo ng pagkakaisa ng isang bansa. Ang ating bansa ay di lamang mayaman sa likas ngunit mayaman din ito sa wika. Ang Pilipinas ay binubuo ng isang kapuluan o arkipelago kung saan ay sa bawat pulo ay may sariling dialekto.

Ang tanong paano natin mabubuhay ang ating wika. Ang ating gobyerno ay ginagawa ang kanilang makakaya upang mabigyang halaga ito. Ang Kagawaran ng Edukasyon ay hinihikayat ang mga mag-aaral na gamitin ang wikang Filipino. Sa katunayan sila ay nagpatupad ng isang batas kung saan pinapatupad sa mga mag-aaral na gamitin ang kanilang sariling dialekto (mother tongue). Ito raw ay nakakatulong na maunawaan ng mga mag-aaral ang kanilang mga aralin. Ito ay nakakatulong sa pagpapayaman ng bokabularyo ng wikang Filipino.

Ating makikita sa iba’t ibang social media sites na maging dayuhan ay nagiging interesado sa ating wika. Sa pamamagitan ng pag-upload ng mga…

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