"We all need a break but not everyone wants a coffee-break."

The HotChoco Lover

Ehem… Ehem… Ehem…

( Just clearing my throat. Well, here it goes.)


        To my fellow bloggers, friends and family… lend me your EYES. Take a moment to read my blog .


Hi! My name’s Ivannod (read backwards). I’m exploring the world of creative writing through wordpress. Well, I’m not writing to earn fans or whatever but I sure do appreciate appreciation from other people. I’m not so good at this but I surely do love to learn. And to tell you honestly…. (I am still confuse how to use PINGBACKS! gEEZ!). I also want to tell you sincerely that I am SO NOT THAT FLUENT IN ENGLISH YET. So I am already apologizing for some wrong grammar you may read in my blog posts.. 🙂

 My blog is not about of any THEME.

 This blog is dedicated for those who love random things. For those who write whatever pops up in their heads and for those who have nothing else to say or do.

You see, just like how you take your favorite hot chocolate with your favorite person in the world, this blog is just talking about anything that happens to you or whatever you want to talk about.

I don’t know where I’m getting the guts to ask you to read my blog. You might find it insensible at times but I think I could also make a point.



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