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Imagined Words

Some things are better left in our heads. Whenever there’s an attempt of saying it out loud or writing it out, it never comes out right. I’d like to call those as imagined words.

Suppressed feelings and overflowing happiness, can never be described in just one word. I’d like to ask some help from a dictionary or a thesaurus but seemed like nothing would match the extremeties of the least and the greatest.

No matter how I describe, no matter how I do sign language, I just can’t say what’s going on in my head. What’s even worse, is if I’m already ready to give my heart to someone I would call my better half, would “mine” be right thing to call you mine?

Those imagined words, that were never meant to be spoken. Never meant to be uttered nor to be murmured, or even to be written by the most lovely hands in the world. I’d like to keep them here, here inside the innermost part of my head. Though I still want to say things to you, there’ll be no way of saying it as long as it remains imagined words.

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Tangled Thoughts

Tonight, I can’t seem to resolve a lot of things in my head. The only thing it’s prompting me to do right now is to write. Write things I’m not suppose to publish. Things that are not supposed to be shared for a wider audience. 

Things like these don’t need sympathy. But, I just can’t fight the urge to post it. 

My head’s spinning. Unsure, always confused of what to do. Too afraid to take risks and too brave to dream so high even though I’ll end up falling. Even my sentences, my words, my thoughts right now in this writing doesn’t have cohesion. 

My feelings are unresolved.. trying to point at someone to blame for my weary feelings and odd actions.  

Confusing it is. The roads of my thoughts are intertwined. 

I hope as I sleep tonight, I wake up at the sight of an unconfused aura of me standing in front of the mirror. Slowly, picking up the pieces of me that once had been torned by no one but me. Hopefully I stop blaming others for my misfortune and be responsible of my actions.

I hope, I would. Good night.

Do you know the saddest love story ever told?

Hearing the greatest love story from an old couple, only to find out one of them has to finally let go because death is inevitable.

Death is Inevitable

20 Things I Learned When I was 20

1. Staying in bed for more than 2 weeks after college graduation feels unsatisfying.

2. Job hunting is not a walk in the park.

3. Independent living is liberating.

4. While you enjoy liberty, your laundry will knock on your feet. (No more Mom to call)

5. Eating breakfast can be done in just two minutes.

6. Offices have pantries.

7. Learn to eat more than what you can consume when you are stressed because of stress eating.

8. Payday means being a ‘one day millionaire’.

9. The specs of your phone matters in the workplace.

10. You realize you are the youngest in the office.

11. You learn to ask where your taxes go.

12. How to spend your sick leave WISELY. And when I say WISELY, I mean being really WISE if you are sick or just playing sick.

13. Watch out for holidays for double pay.

14. Doing your own grocery is not just a chore, it’s an adventure!

15. Your 1000 pesos ( more or less 22 US $) is only a handful of few items.

16. Expensive-looking restaurants are not always as expensive as you thought it is.

17. Landing on your first job makes you feel already successful but the truth is, it’s not yet certain.

18. Old friends are starting to be out of touch.

19. Not all grown-ups know how to use the ATM.

20. You realize, you haven’t got enough of school yet. There’re still a lot to learn.


Small amount is a good start.

said my student last Thursday. He was discussing about this “writing a story on Wattpad” thing with his classmates. We’ve heard that one of the students in the school was able to earn money out of it. And because of the word MONEY, everyone in the class seemed to have a drive for writing all of a sudden.

Oh, did I mention that this kid is half Chinese?

Quotable Kid


I passed at the hallway of our school. I saw my reflection at the glass window of one of the rooms. I made a second look. I thought I saw my dad’s reflection. I guess they’re right. I do look like my dad.

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HoW’S mY hEart?

(In case you’re wondering why the title is TYPED that way… read  PAPERTOWNS by John Green.)

How’s my heart?

Let me enumerate some things:

  1. 1st week of school was smooth sailing
  2.  I have a bunch of disciplined kids
  3. I’m with my family
  4. Everyday, I have a good laugh with friends
  5. Jogging in the morning makes my stress go away
  6. Finally, GenSan is having a fair weather
  7. Mom always cook the dinner for the family
  8. Our dog, “SIOMAI” is so lovable as always

So, how’s my heart again?

Needless to say, I’m on my happiest right now.

However, cliche as it may sound, the only constant in this world is change. One day, all of this will be gone… I can’t forever be with my family.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, I DON”T MIND. What’s important is TODAY.