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Not Another YA Book

BOOK CHALLENGE #13: Choose a book with a great first line.

One afternoon, I was all drained of all the papers that I need to face on my carrel. I was looking for an escape inside our library and I ended up picking up this book.


It’s about a 17-year-old girl who was only four minutes late missing her flight to London for her father’s wedding day. She has never imagined that getting late for four minutes will make a big change in her life.

While waiting for the next flight to London, she bumped into a handsome stranger in the airport with a British accent. This stranger happened to have the same row seat with her in the plane.

During the trip, the two shared some of their deepest thoughts. Actually, it’s the girl who has shared more than the boy. Nevertheless, both were surprised to learn that they have easily loosened up with each other.

When they reached the airport, they shared a kiss and went on their separate ways.

The girl almost did not make it to her dad’s wedding. Luckily, the bridesmaids were on standby to help her fix. During the ceremony, she was just thinking of all that has happened to her family and how her dad ended up falling out of love with her mom.

On the other hand, the guy she met on the plane was also facing a different family affair.

After the ceremony in both sides, life took its course and led them to meet again. It wasn’t as lovey-dovey like the way they first met. And so the second time they met, they went separate ways again.

At the end of the story, both had some realizations about the turn of events in their family lives and met again.


I must admit. The first chapters were really promising. Even the prolog. Just imagine someone asking you this question, “How can four minutes change your life?” Wouldn’t you get intrigued too? Ohhh…. If only four minutes will lead me to the man of my dreams. Isn’t that exciting?

I loved it from there to the part when they were talking about things in their lives, whether it’s funny or dramatic. The characters are realistic. Just imagine talking to a stranger on a long trip and finding yourself loosening up to them easily, right? I think that’s what everyone wants. Sharing a ride in a public transport and making friends. In the case of the characters, they got attracted to each other immediately.

However, I lost my attachment to the story when they parted ways at the airport. Not because it wasn’t realistic. Of course, it was! There are just two parts that I don’t find realistic. First, when she went out to look for this guy. And second, when the guy showed up in the reception and went on dancing with her ON THE SAME DAY of his father’s funeral.

Yeah, these things may happen. I’m just not convinced on how the characters were moving from one place to another. There might have been other ways to do it.

Another thing that wasn’t so clear is the issue about her dad and mom ending up having a divorce. Okay, maybe I’m just not a fan of divorce (though it’s rampant nowadays). I just can’t help asking why her father broke up with her mom.

I think, I put myself too much into her shoes that I would also like to share the decision-making with her in ruining her father’s wedding.

The ending of this story is not satisfying for me.

So far, almost all the YA books that I have read have an unsatisfying middle and ending parts. The only one that I find interesting from cover to cover is, “The Fault in Our Stars”.

I hope the next time I pull out a YA book from the shelf, I won’t end up saying, “Not another YA book!” after reading it.

STARS: 2/5

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Anagramming : YOU and ME

Book Challenge: Read and Blog Task #3

(Inspired by the anagramming skills of Colin in the story, ” An Abundance of Katherines”


Oh, for goodness sake

When can I ever complete

Anagramming you and me?

If I think of “money”

What would happen to “u”,”a” and “d”?

Would there be such a word as dua?

or aud? or adu? or maybe uad?

If there is such, would it make sense,

to use it along with “money” in a sentence?

I bet it won’t

What if I change it to “Monday”?

How about “e” and “u”?

Would it stand for “European Union”?

Doe it mean it would be, “E.U. Monday”?

Now I know,

the only thing that makes sense:


sounds better

when it’s use together with


YOU and ME

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John Green Fan Here!

Book Challenge: Read and Blog

Challenge #2: A book you have not yet read by an author you love

An Abundance of KATHERINES

I chose John Green for these reasons: a.) his female lead characters are not the typical kind of young adults like Hazel Grace Lancaster, Margaux Spiegel man and The Dude. They are all witty; b.) the characters always speak their minds without bothering what others might think of them ; c.) his novels always have a clever sarcastic tone and; d.) it’s written in a distinctive way like a “John Green” style and it’s humorous.


It’s about a boy named Colin Singleton who only falls in love with girls whose name is KATHERINE. Eventually, every time he falls in love with a KATHERINE, he always ends up being dumped. After being dumped for the 19th time, he went on a road trip with his Judge-Judy fan best friend going to Gutshot on a mission to prove his Theorem about the predictability of Katherines dumping him in hope of also finding out the predictability of how long does a relationship last between any Dumpers and Dumpees.

Book Review:

I find the book unusual than the other YA books. John Green has this style in writing in which he often enumerate things he wants to describe in the story. You would notice it in the story Paper Towns and in this book. In this book, there are two prominent things that he incorporated in the story: graphs and etymology. Sure the graphs were very helpful in explaining his theorem but if you’re like me who really sucks in reading graphs, well… it’s quite no use. Then the etymology. It’s like you’re reading a really big dictionary, there are numbers in some words and then you’ll have to look for what it means at the bottom part of the book. Sure, for the first few parts of the book, my eyes goes down and up . Because of this etymologies,  you’ll be interrupted from reading the whole chapter from time to time. For the graphs  included in the story for aids, I really don’t know how to read graphs so I just (skipped it!).  I guess that’s the reason why it took me more than a week of reading it.

For the plot, well, nothing so unusual. The characters are the only unusual in the story because they are all very unique individuals (and brainy too in their own rights). Though the plot is not so unusual, I still like the story but not that much. So, I’ll give it a 7/10.

Book Challenge

1st Challenge: Your favourite book.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

It took a fox for the Little Prince to realize some things that are truly worthy.

It took me a book to make me rethink my life and my future.

Oh yes, it is a classic book for children but like what Antoine de Saint-Exupery said on his dedication… it is dedicated to the child this grown-up once was.


It is true, there’s a lot of books in this world but only one will truly melt your heart.


The Little Prince