"We all need a break but not everyone wants a coffee-break."

About a Cup of Hot Choco

Imagine yourself sitting beside the glass wall of your favorite cafe, looking outside while sipping your favorite taste of coffee.

Then out of nowhere, someone stood up next to you and asked, “Is that seat taken? Mind if I join you?”

Whether you agree or not, one of the most wonderful experiences is getting the chance to talk with strangers comfortably on your first meeting. Especially for those who aren’t decided yet if they’re a full-blood introvert or not.

Now, this is what this blog is all about. It’s about opening up to strangers wherever they are and share what makes life make me sip a cup of hot choco rather than coffee.

It’s more personal, I admit. But I hope we’ll find a common denominator on my stories. Now if you’d ask me if I mind you sitting with me… I don’t.

Come, let’s talk while you sip your favorite drink and me with my hot choco.


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