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Imagined Words

Some things are better left in our heads. Whenever there’s an attempt of saying it out loud or writing it out, it never comes out right. I’d like to call those as imagined words.

Suppressed feelings and overflowing happiness, can never be described in just one word. I’d like to ask some help from a dictionary or a thesaurus but seemed like nothing would match the extremeties of the least and the greatest.

No matter how I describe, no matter how I do sign language, I just can’t say what’s going on in my head. What’s even worse, is if I’m already ready to give my heart to someone I would call my better half, would “mine” be right thing to call you mine?

Those imagined words, that were never meant to be spoken. Never meant to be uttered nor to be murmured, or even to be written by the most lovely hands in the world. I’d like to keep them here, here inside the innermost part of my head. Though I still want to say things to you, there’ll be no way of saying it as long as it remains imagined words.



Hi, I'm Ivannod. A teacher by weekdays, student and blogger by weekends, and a full-time avid reader, deep thinker, internet aficionado, choir member, sister and daughter. Until now I'm still torn between being an introvert and extrovert. I think it has something to do as a millennial. Well, who cares? No one's gonna count how many times you get confuse in your life anyway. Oh, by the way, did I mention that my real name is actually spelled backward?

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