How can a simple touch be quite disturbing in a good way?

Just this morning, I was busy reading and analyzing some sort of things in the library. Just the usual setup where I usually sit, with the librarian and with the same people I usually hang out with at the same hour everyday because we have our same break time period.

Minutes away before our break ends, we were exchanging jokes. I actually forgot what we were joking about earlier. I cracked one which they actually buy while I was busy doing something else. Then, out of nowhere, this guy I am actually always with, touched the tip of my ear. Well, that grabbed my attention. I looked up to him and he was looking. I looked back down again and went on to what I was doing earlier. I was trying to comprehend what it meant.

And so the bell rang. Everyone of us were starting to gather our things to go back to our classrooms. I went ahead of them. While walking at the pathway, I touched the tip of my ear where he touched it, still wondering what was that for.

I actually just met this guy around May this year. He’s a newbie in our school. And so, as we received our class assignment, he was assigned with the same grade level as mine. Since this grade level only have two sections, we both have no choice but to work together most of the time. So he’s sort of like an apprentice but already doing the job. Most of the time we talk about things and eventually became friends now.Other than that, there was nothing else. 

This guy is actually good looking. He’s a fair complexion, lean and well-groomed. Plus, he’s taller than me. Well if you could picture him out, he totally looks fine. Other than being friends, I can’t see him more than that. Maybe as a younger brother since I am a year older than him. 

I honestly think he also looks at me the same way. Now, what I can’t understand is his gesture earlier. Is it me who’s just overthinking about this ( which most girls do, overthinking small stuff) or something else?

But I have to be honest. When I got back to my room, I touched it again. I thought to my self, “Why does it feel nice?”

It’s not lust but I have never imagined that a simple touch would feel good. But, is it really the touch? Or the gesture?