july 4

Once in our lives, we were once a TOM SAWYER. Because we’re mischievous in so many things, discipline is needed. Although,  I never understand what those are for back then.

Sometimes being mischievous is funny and sometimes funnier. Let me share some of my mischievous side years ago.

Mama often tells me to sleep during noon time so I could grow up fast. Most of the time I don’t like the idea of it but I ended up sleeping anyways.

My mom have different levels of spanking. When I was four years old, she uses a plastic hanger. When I was five, it was upgraded to a rubber snake toy. When I was six, I think she thinks that I can already bear the leather belt of my dad. Because I have had enough, I hid the belt somewhere else where my dad and mom couldn’t find it. As a result, my dad has nothing to use to hold his pants.

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher reported to my parents  that I am very talkative. My parents told my teacher to call the police every time I talk with my seatmate. I think it was a good threat because since then I became one of the  most behave student in the class.

I am always fascinated on how escalators work. I always wanted to ride on one every time we go to the mall. In my imagination, it is the stairway  to heaven. I was walking slowly in small steps while looking up to the escalator when… CRACK! I bumped into a pile of glasses. When my dad turned around, he saw me looking blankly at the broken glasses. A saleslady and security guard approached us. In short, my dad paid for all the broken glasses.

In movies, some characters cross the street, stands at the middle of the road,  waiting for the car to bump them really hard causing them to die. So when it was my turn to cross the street with my dad, I wanted to prove to those characters that you won’t die crossing the street if you will not stay still at the middle of the road. I let go of my dad’s hands. Run as fast as I could though I know there’s a vehicle coming. And  I DID NOT STAY STILL and just continue to run though it nearly bumped me. See? You won’t die and you’ll reach the other side of the road. My dad was worried and nervous but I was proud of my self.

Those are some of my picture perfect memories. I thank God it can never be photoshopped. The gunita of my childhood will forever stay in my heart.