The Daily Prompt: Cheat

 The exam is about to start in five minutes. Everyone is in a hurry opening their books for the last time, as if sipping all the words through a straw inside a glass making sure not a drop is left inside was left.

Now it’s down to less than thirty seconds. Then in just a blink of an eye, the clock is ticking for the last ten seconds. Eyes are growing bigger like the lens of a DSLR camera focusing on the right subject to capture. And… time’s up! The battle begins.

I bet you’re all familiar with this. Gone are the good old days of high school and college for me and my same-age buddies (unless you’re now taking up graduate studies right now).

Exams sometimes are really hard to ace. It could be toxic at times too. For that reason, we are forced to do the impossible, creative and (take note) the bad ways to pass it. When I say BAD WAYS, I mean to say, “Cheating during Exams”. It’s also during the examination days that you would often hear, “Sharing is Loving”. Surprisingly, it improved our creative thinking (I don’t know about you but it did for me).

There are popular ones during my days. Here are my Top 5:

(Disclaimer: Kids, don’t try this in school. Or if you’re in distant learning, don’t try this at home.)

1. The small sheet of paper. The ability to make a small piece of paper invisible to your teacher but visible enough for you to read the words on it.

2. Sit beside the smart ones. If your smart seatmate is generous enough to lend a helping hand, no need to worry! You’re in good hands. But if not, I think stretching your neck a little higher won’t cause a stiff neck afterwards.

3. Sign Language. Scratching your head means ‘A’. Touching your knee means ‘B’. Looking out the window means ‘C’ and picking your nose means ‘D’.

4. Pass the message relay. Now this requires teamwork and a little aid of physics. Make sure the ball is thrown on a precise angle with the right amount of speed and strength. Then, the receiver should be really proactive to pick it up as fast as he could. Just imagine playing,  ‘Minute to Win It’.

5. The recording artist. What you need: headphones, mp3 player and long hair. But you need to be prompt. Record your readings before the exam.

I have done each of this once but I promised my self: NEVER AGAIN. Why? Because God is watching us. Reminiscing those things sure still makes me laugh because of the adrenaline rush I felt back then. However, every time I do one of those before, my conscience keeps on knocking in my heart afterwards.

So just to clarify, sharing these is not for you to try any of these. Besides, the most effective way to PASS is still to study well and make your mama proud!

Read well. Study well. Don’t cheat.