Guy: (Observing the miniatures on the living room) Hey, you got some cute things here. Where’d you get it?

Old Man: I made it.

Guy: Cool! Why not make bigger ones?

Old man: I like being very detailed. Besides, it challenges me.

Guy: But you know, it’s kinda hard for the eyes.

Old man: Well, yeah. Maybe. But try to look at it using this. (Hands a magnifying glass to the guy )

Guy: (using the magnifying glasses to look closer) WOW! It’s not cute it’s great! How’d you do this?

Old man: I used passion and patience to make each one of those.You see,things that is much smaller than normal teach you important things.

Guy: Well, that’s deep. Like what?

Old man: That some things don’t need to be that great to be appreciated and it takes a closer look to appreciate them even more.




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