Dear 16-year old Self,

Hi! You might not know me but  I know you well. Let me introduce my self. I am YOU. You always imagine me before sleeping, when your teacher is boring and when you day dream at midday. You always picture me wearing a black jacket, walking high on those black pumps and finally wearing the most luscious red lipstick that seems only celebrities could wear.

I hate to break it up to you but… all that you have imagined me to be, turned out the other way around. I can’t walk on those high heels, I regularly wear shirts and I don’t even where any lip gloss.

Now that I’m already 23, I always think about you. Do you know why? Not that I’m blaming you but I just want to ask you a lot of “What ifs” and express my”Maybes”.

What if you were not too naive before, what could you have been now? Maybe, you’re not so gullible. Or, maybe you’re not so easy to influence. Maybe, you had the power to stand for what you really wanted.

What if you were not so scared of Math, would you have the courage to pursue engineering? Maybe if you weren’t, you’re now a licensed engineer, building houses, bridges and commercial buildings like what you always wanted to do.

What if you were bold enough? Maybe, your parents now will understand that you have a mind of your own. You’re the captain of your ship and not them.

I have a long list actually. I’m sorry to disappoint you. For what have all happened, I cannot blame you. True, I look at you for all my “What Ifs” and “Maybes” but you are my inspiration. Every time I think of you, I always remind myself not to quit. You are such a dreamer. A really GOOD dreamer. At the age of sixteen, the best that you can do was to dream and plan the blueprint for  me. As the saying goes, “Dreams don’t work unless you do”, it’s now my job to be the DOER. You’ve done your part. It’s my time.

We’re already a bit late but not yet too late. What can I say, we’re a late bloomer. I promise you, we’ll get there. I’ll follow your blueprint. I might not be certain of the time when to complete it but WE’LL get there. NO MORE WHAT IFs and MAYBEs. We’ll make it happen.


Your Loving Self,

23-year old You