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20 Things I Learned When I was 20

1. Staying in bed for more than 2 weeks after college graduation feels unsatisfying.

2. Job hunting is not a walk in the park.

3. Independent living is liberating.

4. While you enjoy liberty, your laundry will knock on your feet. (No more Mom to call)

5. Eating breakfast can be done in just two minutes.

6. Offices have pantries.

7. Learn to eat more than what you can consume when you are stressed because of stress eating.

8. Payday means being a ‘one day millionaire’.

9. The specs of your phone matters in the workplace.

10. You realize you are the youngest in the office.

11. You learn to ask where your taxes go.

12. How to spend your sick leave WISELY. And when I say WISELY, I mean being really WISE if you are sick or just playing sick.

13. Watch out for holidays for double pay.

14. Doing your own grocery is not just a chore, it’s an adventure!

15. Your 1000 pesos ( more or less 22 US $) is only a handful of few items.

16. Expensive-looking restaurants are not always as expensive as you thought it is.

17. Landing on your first job makes you feel already successful but the truth is, it’s not yet certain.

18. Old friends are starting to be out of touch.

19. Not all grown-ups know how to use the ATM.

20. You realize, you haven’t got enough of school yet. There’re still a lot to learn.




Hi, I'm Ivannod. A teacher by weekdays, student and blogger by weekends, and a full-time avid reader, deep thinker, internet aficionado, choir member, sister and daughter. Until now I'm still torn between being an introvert and extrovert. I think it has something to do as a millennial. Well, who cares? No one's gonna count how many times you get confuse in your life anyway. Oh, by the way, did I mention that my real name is actually spelled backward?

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