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Praise GOD


I remember Antoine de Saint Exupery in his book,”The Little Prince” when he said that people loves numbers. This, I think, is somehow agreeable. So, let’s put it in numbers.

A year is measured in 12 months or 52  weeks or 365 in days or 8,760 hours or 525, 600  minutes or 31 536 000 seconds.

Now, let’s count our blessings (well, the basic ones) : shelter, food, education, good weather, our breathe, clothes, fare for transportation, health, friends, family, day, night, bed, loved ones, air, water and the never ending list.

Now let’s count how many times, may it be in hours, minutes, weeks or days, God asks us to go to his sacred place called House of Worship…


Can’t remember? Does it really take that much time for us to give an hour or two in a week for Him?

Why not take some time to praise and glorify his name? While you keep on asking things from him, why not give him what he asks first. Prayers make a lot of miracles. Praise and Glorify His Name.

Find some time for Him: God’s Words



Hi, I'm Ivannod. A teacher by weekdays, student and blogger by weekends, and a full-time avid reader, deep thinker, internet aficionado, choir member, sister and daughter. Until now I'm still torn between being an introvert and extrovert. I think it has something to do as a millennial. Well, who cares? No one's gonna count how many times you get confuse in your life anyway. Oh, by the way, did I mention that my real name is actually spelled backward?

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