Book Challenge: Read and Blog

Challenge #2: A book you have not yet read by an author you love

An Abundance of KATHERINES

I chose John Green for these reasons: a.) his female lead characters are not the typical kind of young adults like Hazel Grace Lancaster, Margaux Spiegel man and The Dude. They are all witty; b.) the characters always speak their minds without bothering what others might think of them ; c.) his novels always have a clever sarcastic tone and; d.) it’s written in a distinctive way like a “John Green” style and it’s humorous.


It’s about a boy named Colin Singleton who only falls in love with girls whose name is KATHERINE. Eventually, every time he falls in love with a KATHERINE, he always ends up being dumped. After being dumped for the 19th time, he went on a road trip with his Judge-Judy fan best friend going to Gutshot on a mission to prove his Theorem about the predictability of Katherines dumping him in hope of also finding out the predictability of how long does a relationship last between any Dumpers and Dumpees.

Book Review:

I find the book unusual than the other YA books. John Green has this style in writing in which he often enumerate things he wants to describe in the story. You would notice it in the story Paper Towns and in this book. In this book, there are two prominent things that he incorporated in the story: graphs and etymology. Sure the graphs were very helpful in explaining his theorem but if you’re like me who really sucks in reading graphs, well… it’s quite no use. Then the etymology. It’s like you’re reading a really big dictionary, there are numbers in some words and then you’ll have to look for what it means at the bottom part of the book. Sure, for the first few parts of the book, my eyes goes down and up . Because of this etymologies,  you’ll be interrupted from reading the whole chapter from time to time. For the graphs  included in the story for aids, I really don’t know how to read graphs so I just (skipped it!).  I guess that’s the reason why it took me more than a week of reading it.

For the plot, well, nothing so unusual. The characters are the only unusual in the story because they are all very unique individuals (and brainy too in their own rights). Though the plot is not so unusual, I still like the story but not that much. So, I’ll give it a 7/10.