Book Challenge: Read and Blog Task #3

(Inspired by the anagramming skills of Colin in the story, ” An Abundance of Katherines”


Oh, for goodness sake

When can I ever complete

Anagramming you and me?

If I think of “money”

What would happen to “u”,”a” and “d”?

Would there be such a word as dua?

or aud? or adu? or maybe uad?

If there is such, would it make sense,

to use it along with “money” in a sentence?

I bet it won’t

What if I change it to “Monday”?

How about “e” and “u”?

Would it stand for “European Union”?

Doe it mean it would be, “E.U. Monday”?

Now I know,

the only thing that makes sense:


sounds better

when it’s use together with


YOU and ME