My sister actually told me about this story. 

Her classmate just got his room assignment for this semester. Upon receiving his room assignments, he immediately look for it. There’s one in the sixth floor; one in the annex; another room in another building. He almost succeeded looking for his rooms but not for Room 130. He searched and searched for the room. Tirelessly searching up and down of each building in their campus. Until he reached room 126, steps away from room 130. And so, he counted. Room 127…room 128…room 129 and finally, he found an unexpected dicovery. He returned to the registrar’s office. He spoke to the lady behind the window, ” Excuse me Ma’am, are you sure that this room 130 is my room for this subject?”

“Why, what’s the problem?”

” You actually gave me the room assignment for the canteen.”

“Oh gosh! I’m so sorry for this terrible mistake,” she immediately checked the room assignment and it was supposed to be room 120.

( Canteen would have been nice though😁.)