To zip or not to zip?

That is the question you need to answer when you go to The Seven Falls in South Cotabato. To answer that question, my sister and I dared ourselves and picked, TO ZIP.

As a result, check out this picture:

Close your eyes and hope not to die!

This photo was taken when we try to overcome our fear of heights… This is the highest zipline in Southeast Asia.

Phew! We did overcome it. However, my sister and I closed our eyes REALLY tight. We miss to see how high it really is! Not only that, look at our feet. We did it in bare feet! We were not informed ( or shall I SAY, we just really did not read or ask any advice from anyone) that we should have worn running shoes.

We did not only miss how high it is but we also miss to see the falls that you’ll pass by while you zip. Look:

Did you see the waterfalls behind? There are actually seven. But I did not see them all. Because…… you know why (by looking at our pictures).

From the starting point to the mid section, what my sister and I just do was to scream:


Then I paused. I tried to open my eyes. But it was really, REALLY damn HIGH! Then I closed my eyes back and stopped screaming.

My sister stopped for a while and poked me with her elbow. She said:

“Huy! sumigaw ka!” ( HEY! You scream!)

And so, I screamed again until we reach the end point.

When we finally landed, I asked her, ” Bakit mo ‘ko gustong sumigaw?” (Why do you want me to scream?)

“Akala ko kasi patay ka na.” (Because I thought you were already dead.)

HAHA! We’re both afraid. REALLY. That’s why we held each other’s arm for the entire time.

But there’s a more relaxed way to capture that moment. Check out my mom and dad:

( See how they trick you 🙂 )

And even our dog, Siomai, did not miss the chance:

I hope we could go back there someday. Hopefully by that time, we conquer our fears with our eyes OPEN.