(In case you’re wondering why the title is TYPED that way… read  PAPERTOWNS by John Green.)

How’s my heart?

Let me enumerate some things:

  1. 1st week of school was smooth sailing
  2.  I have a bunch of disciplined kids
  3. I’m with my family
  4. Everyday, I have a good laugh with friends
  5. Jogging in the morning makes my stress go away
  6. Finally, GenSan is having a fair weather
  7. Mom always cook the dinner for the family
  8. Our dog, “SIOMAI” is so lovable as always

So, how’s my heart again?

Needless to say, I’m on my happiest right now.

However, cliche as it may sound, the only constant in this world is change. One day, all of this will be gone… I can’t forever be with my family.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, I DON”T MIND. What’s important is TODAY.