I was checking my emails this afternoon and came across this writing prompt saying, “Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.” Then, it left me hanging…thinking…reflecting….

What would be written on that folded piece of paper that could be life changing? Could it be the winning numbers for the sweepstakes? I surely do hope so, you know.

REALTALK:  I can only picture my self, walking along the streets of New York, paused and picked up the piece of paper AND thrown it into the nearest trash bin.

A GIRL’S NOTE TO SELF can’t be found on the folded paper

Remember when we were still kids? When the teacher puts a smiley, a star or a simple note saying, “Good Job!”, “Very Good!”, “Keep it up!”? We just want to keep on going right?

There’s this story about a kid I know. There was an instruction on her test paper saying, “Draw your self inside the box and write a sentence describing yourself.” While her teacher was checking their papers, this kid wrote more than one sentence and it goes like this:

” I am ugly. I am bad to my classmates because they keep on bullying me. Before, I was a good girl but now I’m a bad girl.”

The teacher could not check this item on her paper and marked it wrong. Though, she responded on it saying:

“The instruction only asked for only one sentence that’s why I marked it wrong. And may I just tell you, you are not ugly. In fact, you are beautiful. If you think you’re ugly, the people around you would also think you’re ugly. Yes you may not have behaved well for these past days but that doesn’t mean you’re already a bad kid. If others are trying to bully you, don’t fight back. Act nicely to them so they’ll be ashamed of themselves for not treating you nicely. Always remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

From that day on, the kid had a light on her face. She looks at her teacher with a great smile and less likely gets involve to any petty fights with her classmates.


This story might not be based from my experience but a simple anecdote of a kid with low self-esteem. A simple note can change someone’s attitude.
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